ConfIDent Soloution

The demand for Mobile Banking is growing rapidly thus increasing the exposure to fraud.

moQom’s ConfIDent™ Authentication Solution provides frictionless and secure access to electronic and mobile banking, without the requirement for passwords or expensive token generators.

moQom’s SaaS solutions can integrate seamlessly with your existing back-end systems and require minimum effort to deploy, thus providing an instant return on investment for your organisation.

Outcomes include;

  • Improved customer experience using frictionless login
  • Reduced fraud with increased security
  • moQom’s ConfIDent authentication solution improves customer experience and reduces call centre resource by cleverly leveraging the power of the mobile network.

Depending on the risk level associated with an identity and verification check, businesses can select from a comprehensive range of ConfIDent™ features, enabling 1, 2, or 3 Factor Authentication.

ConfIDent™ works with the banks’ existing processes and risk management systems.

ConfIDent Solution Flow


Instant customer identity enables frictionless access to exciting new banking and mobile payments services, with unprecedented levels of security.

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