moQom would like to partner with Global Entities that are seeking to harness the power of the mobile network and differentiate themselves in the financial sector. Our solutions can disrupt and transform the financial services industry globally and generate new streams of revenue or cost savings from existing and new clients.

moQom has created a suite of new products and services that are aimed at Mobile Banking, Mobile Payments, and all stakeholders in the card payment ecosystem including Merchants, Payment Service Providers, Acquiring Banks, Schemes and Issuing Banks.


Working in Partnership with Mobile Network Operators

moQom’s core competency is in mining Mobile Network Data. We then use this data to facilitate and enhance the user’s experience on mobile devices by providing a high level of certainty when it comes to confirming the user’s identity. Our mission is to put moqom’s clients at the heart of the digital crossroad by harnessing the power of the mobile network.

moQom’s Data Mining Gateway takes information from the Mobile Core Network that can facilitate higher levels of interaction and engagement with users of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Verifying the identity of users of services, whether it is in payments, banking, social media, government portals or the security industry, is of extreme importance and value. By increasing certainty of identity of a counter-party, more business is possible with less risk.

In particular, moQom focuses on the market for security of mobile user experiences with applications such as  electronic payments, for example card payments and mobile banking.


Sensitive Security Products

Being a specialist Telecom security provider, moQom has a broad suite of sensitive data mining security products which our clients have requested we don’t publicise.

If you work in a Risk Management space, either in Financial Services or Telecoms, please do Contact Us. We’d be more than happy to discuss our solutions with you.