moQom announces new jobs, accelerates funding

moQom announces new jobs, accelerates funding

moQom is very pleased to announce the creation of 15 new positions across Senior Management, Sales, Support, R&D, Project Office and Finance. All roles will be located at the company’s Dublin office.

Today’s announcement comes on foot of demand for moQom’s ConfIDent group of services which has far exceeded expectations. While traditionally the company focused solely on financial services, the game changing ConfIDent product has seen demand explode into a number of other sectors including Government, Insurance and Social Media.

To fund the expansion, moQom has agreed an investment of €2m. Driven by BDO, a further €2m round, scheduled for October, has been brought forward with a significantly larger investment expected in Q4 2015/Q1 2016.

Speaking earlier today, moQom CEO Colin Larkin said “Today’s announcement is the tip of the iceberg. moQom is well advanced with a number of global opportunities which will shortly require significant scaling. We expect to announce further R&D and Support roles in the coming months once the new team settles in”.

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