MNO Opportunity

MNO Opportunity

“The risk for us is being excluded from the world of services.

If that happens, we’ll be downgraded to simple pipes.”

– Orange CEO Stéphane Richard

If network/subscriber data is successfully monetised, MNOs are without question sitting on a revenue gold mine.

To capitalise on the opportunity, moQom propose partnering with MNOs, jointly delivering services to the waiting market. moQom services supply all of the bank’s needs; enabling MNOs immediately generate new revenue and services.

This partnership model ensures both operators and moQom receive the maximum benefit for current and future services, fostering a long term working partnership.

Operator’s also benefit from the years moQom invested understanding the challenges financial services face as well as how best to leverage mobile networks to fix them. With this in-depth understanding comes the ability to correctly value and appropriately charge for the services, maximising revenue share for all partners.

moQom’s deep financial services understanding, ensures a pipeline of new and potentially highly lucrative mobile centric services.


Main Benefits of the Collaboration:

  • Monetising MNO data instantly creates new revenue streams driven by moQom’s services.
  • Many services MNOs are trying to develop in-house are available from moQom.
  • Minimal systems integrations for UK and international deployments.
  • MNOs can recover market superiority.
  • MNOs can combat revenue erosion.
  • moQom lay out a transparent revenue share model from the outset.