RTÉ News – Attempted Hack into Garda IT System

RTÉ News – Attempted Hack into Garda IT System

An investigation was launched following an attempt by an unidentified external source to hack into the Garda IT system on Thursday August 4th, which forced the shutdown of a number of internal systems.

The attack was conducted using what was described as a new strain of threat previously unseen by the force’s IT security team, which prompted the decision to shut down several systems to protect them against any corruption or leak.

moQom CEO and security expert Colin Larkin spoke to RTÉ News on the subject. “Hackers at the moment are very sophisticated and clearly if someone is targeting the Police, it’s very specific and focused,” Mr Larkin explained. “They’re probably looking for a very specific task, for example trying to compromise an ongoing investigation or get operational information on the Gardaí and their activities. If it’s a thing where they manage to get into the system, which in this case I don’t think they did, they could raise a question mark on the chain of custody of evidence, and in particular digital evidence that’s been gathered by the Gardaí if they’re prosecuting ongoing cases.”

In a statement to RTÉ, Gardaí confirmed the attack but insisted that no data was compromised or accessed inappropriately.


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