Our Expertise

Our Expertise


moQom provide customer identity solutions to the financial services industry.
Our ConfIDent™ product suite enables frictionless, instant customer identity across all channels, with particular emphasis on mobile. Our deep technology solutions bridge the gap between Mobile Network Operators and Financial Institutions in the provision of secure services to end-customers via mobile devices in the Global Market Place.



Depending on the risk level associated with an identity and verification check, businesses can select from a comprehensive range of futureproof ConfIDent™ features, enabling 1, 2, or 3 Factor Authentication.

ConfIDent™ grants moQom’s clients conformity to most industry regulations, including the forthcoming European Banking Authority’s PSD2 standards for strong customer authentication.

moQom offers a zero risk model to our clients to ultimately reduce the cost of fraud and/or increase the level of service to their end users.


Mobile Banking and Payments

moQom’s proven and globally patented technology is protecting millions of customer transactions throughout the UK and Ireland. We use our systems integration expertise to harness the power of the Mobile Network in a safe and secure way, thereby facilitating the user experience, ensuring total privacy in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Commissioner and putting organisations at the heart of Digital Commerce. Our customers have zero or close to zero technical integration on their side, working in conjunction with their existing processes and risk management systems.